hello hello ^__^ welcome to my carrd account. please don't make more than 3-4 carrds; i may ask for some to be deleted at intervals. click here for coding tutorials & here for other resources to add nice things to your carrd.

made by none other than me, julia <3
disclaimer: you can only have one of each text effect on your carrd but however many text effects overall. it can be glitchy at times so things might not work, try to work around it.

feel free to ask me questions… i will try to help as best i can, but some things just might not be helped ):

the example i will be using is the wobbly text effect

1. add an embed element!

place it where you want the text to appear & it should look like this! put a label on it if you want ("julia" here) to make things less confusing

2. copy the code you want

this is what it is on the website

3. paste that code into the embed

for mine, i've changed the speed & height of the wobble. i've also removed the link to the code website. do what you see fit!
after publishing, it will probably end up as a small chunk of black text, so this is where the next step comes in:

4. customise text using this code

<div id=<a href ="/" style="color: #FFFFFF;
text-shadow: 0 0 5px #FFFFFF;

5. paste that code above the rest

hopefully you're done! feel free to tweak until it looks good enough. this same process can be applied to most of the other text effects!

the example i will be using is the love hearts

1. add an embed element!

place it anywhere! i put it at the bottom of my carrd. if you want, label it ("cursor" here) to make things less confusing

2. copy the code you want

this is what it is on the website

3. paste that code into the embed

if you want to change the colours of the hearts, do so here by replacing the "#xxxxxx" values with colour codes

4. publish to make sure it works

my carrd, i changed the colours to fit the oddballs' theme colours

two other cursor effects you might want to use instead are tinkerbell & clicksplosion. tinkerbell makes stars while clicksplosion makes fireworks!

you can do this to normal images as well!

1. copy this code

.frame {
border: 2px solid #fff;
display: block;
box-shadow: 0px 0px 5px #fff;

for frames that look like ones on paintings:

border: 4px double black;

2. paste it into gallery settings

click the gear icon on the gallery, press style, paste it into the default box

3. adjust as necessary !

omg hi fridge pals cameo 😦
top image is normal frame, second is picture/painting-type frame


this is kinda hard to explain, but you'll notice when you open my carrd, multiple lines play over at the top

1. copy this code (IT'S LONG)

<script type="text/javascript">
function tb8_makeArray(n){
this.length = n;
return this.length;
tb8_messages = new tb8_makeArray(3);
tb8_messages[0] = "first line";
tb8_messages[1] = "second line";
tb8_messages[2] = "third line";
tb8_rptType = 'infinite';
tb8_rptNbr = 5;
tb8_speed = 100;
tb8_delay = 2000;
var tb8_counter=1;
var tb8_currMsg=0;
var tb8_tekst ="";
var tb8_i=0;
var tb8_TID = null;
function tb8_pisi(){
tb8_tekst = tb8_tekst + tb8_messages[tb8_currMsg].substring(tb8_i, tb8_i+1);
document.title = tb8_tekst;
if (tb8_i==tb8_messages[tb8_currMsg].length){
tb8_currMsg++; tb8_i=0; tb8_tekst="";tb8_sp=tb8_delay;
if (tb8_currMsg == tb8_messages.length){
if ((tb8_rptType == 'finite') && (tb8_counter==tb8_rptNbr)){
tb8_currMsg = 0;
tb8_TID = setTimeout("tb8_pisi()", tb8_sp);

2. paste code into an embed

place it anywhere! i put it at the bottom of my carrd. if you want, label it ("title" here) to make things less confusing.

3. customise

where i've written first/second/third line, place the words you want to be written.

for making more lines: where it says tb8_makeArray(3);, change the 3 to however many lines you have total. to add another line, put tb8_messages[2] = "line"; with the "2" being the next consecutive number.

when you go to publish, put whatever you want in the section labelled "title", as it won't show up.

4. publish & make sure it works

you're all done!

because the carrd-provided one is kind of ugly looking. disclaimer: you need Dropbox

1. make an embed element

i would recommend putting it into a header/footer if your carrd has multiple sections

2. go to this website

^ The Website In Question…

3. copy-paste each section of the website into the embed, in order (add markers for <style> where the website says)

we "cock dick balling"

4. upload the song you want to use into dropbox

it can be an mp3 file or a screen recording of the song. it can also be any length!

5. create a "share" link to the song & paste it into the embed

scroll all the way to the bottom of the code & put the link in between the quotation marks. also change the www to dl & delete the ?dl=0 from the end of the link

6. customise as necessary (song name, artist, colours, etc)

right above the link to the song, you can change the name of the artist & name of the song

towards the top of the code, you can change the colours of each aspect of the music player (which are labelled). if you want the player to stay in one place, change "position:fixed" to "position:relative" & drag the embed to where you want it.

7. publish & make sure it works

you're all done!
it may be worth noting the creator of this code has other types of music players too, so look at their archive to find one you want!

1. copy this code

height: 150px;

2. paste that code into settings>style>text on your text element

that's all! you can change the height to make the box bigger/smaller etc. you can also add a line that says "background:[insert colour here]" if you would like the box to have an individual background.